3 Importance of Animal Welfare

Man needs to properly take care of all animals irrespective of shape and size. Now, animal welfare is a priority issue in today’s society and we all need to ensure all animals are well treated and taken care of. Animal welfare does not mean that we can’t use animals such as horses for transportation or bulls for farming, it simply means that we need to properly take care of the animals. Animal welfare is all about treating animals with respect and restoring them to their natural habitat. It also entails respecting animal habitats and eradicating bad practices such as poaching. Below are the key 3 importance of animal welfare.

  1. Maintaining the eco-system
    Maintaining the ecosystem is important and all animals play a vital role and we should be aware of that. We need plants for various reasons including food and oxygen production. When we take care of our wildlife then we ensure the life cycle is maintained meaning that the carnivores will hunt the herbivores and thereby reduce the consumption of plant life will providing manure. Once the balance of life is maintained, humans can reap from rewards such as food, oxygen, and rain. In today’s society, the ecosystem has been tempered with greatly especially when humans breed wildlife in their homes. Wild animals are meant to be in the open space and not entrapped in small rooms and buildings. These animals have rights and they belong in the wild.
  2. Climate Regulation
    Right now there is accelerated climate change due to a huge decline in the population of animals in tropical forests. The loss of these animals has led to reduced ability to store carbon by the forest. Global warming has been increased greatly due to this fact and it is bound to increase even more should animal welfare not be taken seriously. The large animals such as tapirs play a critical role in distributing tree seeds thus ensuring more carbon is sucked out from the air by these big trees. Animal welfare will ensure these animals are well taken care of and therefore climate change will be reduced and global warming may be subdued.
  3. Maintaining soil quality
    Animals greatly help maintain soil quality in a lot of different ways. Soil is the home to various animals including moles, rabbits, worms, ants, beetles, and groundhogs. This animals eat, build their homes, and produce wastes thereby helping to create new soil and keep it healthy. The welfare of some of these animals is not well taken care of and they are forced out of their homes due to modernization. These animals help maintain our soil and therefore ensure humans are able to farm and produce food. Proper animal welfare will ensure that the soil quality is well maintained and humans can, therefore, produce more.
    It is our responsibility to take care of animals because of all the benefits we get from them. We should consider animal welfare is very important and set a good example for the generations to come. Taking care of animals properly starts with you and how you treat your pets back at home.